765 Union Street, Portland


Youth Baseball Tournament

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

The Youth Baseball Tournament was introduced at Summer Fest in 2015 and it keeps getting bigger and better!   This is a community-based tournament with local teams and teams from around the state playing in six age brackets.

Teams who are interested in playing in the tournament should contact summerfestbaseball@gmail.com.

Additional information can be found at infosports.com

2022 Registration Forms  

Scores and updated 2022 Information:


Portland 11                       Wayland 7 

Marshall 14                       St Johns 3

Wayland 6                         Marshall 19

Portland vs St Johns

Wayland vs St Johns

Portland vs Marshall


Portland 8                         Ionia 15

PW 18                               Grand Ledge 9

Sluggers 18                       East Lansing 3

Okemos 14                       Legacy 20

Ionia 0                              Sluggers 15

Portland vs East Lansing

Grand Ledge vs Legacy

PW vs Okemos


South Haven 1                   Okemos 16

Ionia 2                               Haslett 18

Grand Ledge 4                   Portland Storm 5

Portland Meyers 16            Holt  3

Grand Ledge 8                   Rockford 5

Portland Meyers 6              North Stars 5

South Haven vs PW

Ionia vs Jackson

Portland Storm vs Rockford

Haslett vs Jackson

PW vs Okemos

Holt vs North Stars


Portland Pline 12                 Ionia  2

Portland Townsend 19         Laingsburg 3

Sluggers 6                           East Lansing  5

Hardball 16                         Okemos Hill   0

Hardball 5                           Buick City 2

Portland Pline 8                   Okemos Burak 14

Portland Townsend vs Trenton

Sluggers vs St Johns

Okemos Hill vs Buick City

Okemos Burak vs Ionia

East Lansing vs St. Johns

Laingsburg vs Trenton

Where to eat:

Lodging is available:


  • 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U tournaments
  • Cost is $425 per team
  • Baseballs, umpires, awards and field prep all included in tournament fee
  • We will be playing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Final schedules will be sent to all teams on Thursday, June 18
  • If you have questions, please contact summerfestbaseball@gmail.com.

Baseball games will be played at the following locations:

  • Father Flohe Field, 765 Union Street
  • Wagon Wheel Fields, 7888 E. Grand River Avenue
  • Bogue Flats Recreation Area, 251 Morse Drive
  • Powers Park, corner of West Bridge Street and Water Street
  • Knights Field, 690 Maynard Road
  • Map (pdf)