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This page has not been updated for 2019---please check back later!

Summer Fest Raffles

The raffle generates more income than any other event at the Summer Fest.  Therefore it is very important that every parishioner pick up their packet of raffle tickets and do their best to sell them.

Tickets will be in the vestibule area of the church at the end of May.  Please pick up your packet quickly, so that we don't have to pay postage to mail them to you.

Inside every packet of tickets is a GOLD TICKET.  That ticket is FREE, and it gives you another ticket for the the Cruise Raffle. All you need to do, to earn the free gold ticket is sell your entire packet of tickets!

Raffle tickets can be turned in at the parish office, dropped in the collection basket or mailed to 140 Church Street, Portland 48875.  If you mail them, please allow plenty of time for them to arrive.  The weekend of Summer Fest, tickets can be turned in at the Raffle Booth located inside the Entertainment Tent. 

Please note that to make sure that the raffle can begin on time, no ticket returns will be accepted after 2:45 p.m.

The raffles will be held on Sunday afternoon, beginning at approximately 3:00 p.m.

Raffle license #C29018

Raffle Prizes

Money Raffle
  • Tickets cost $5 each
  • 1st prize $1500
  • 2nd prize $750
  • 3-10 prizes $100 each

Quilt Raffle

  • Tickets cost $1 each
  • Approximately 10 handmade quilts and afghans will be raffled

Cruise Raffle

  • Tickets cost $10 each
  • Win a Carribean Cruise (or, $1500 in cash)

Gold Ticket
  • Sell your entire packet of tickets and the Gold Ticket is FREE!  
  • Gold ticket gives you another chance to win the Cruise Raffle